Pint of Science @ The Attic Bar 15-17th

15th May - 17th May15th May - Big Data used for Justice Richard Pettigrew (Professor of Philosophy )The increasing use of big data for decision-making in society raises a number of ethical puzzles. In this talk, I'll consider one of the problems that arises if we use it in the criminal justice system. Suppose, for instance, that we convict someone for a crime on the grounds that they belong to a group whose members are statistically very likely to have committed that sort of crime. What are the ethical implications of this? Is it fair? Is it just?

16th May - Solidarity, Equality and Migration: The Journey to and from Brexit Tonia Novitz (Professor of Labour Law, University of Bristol Law School)In the politically charged context of the 2016 Brexit vote, this talk considers issues of labour solidarity. While it would be possible to provide equality of treatment between local British and migrant labour, instead we have witnessed the imposition of legal frameworks that place workers in a position of competition. An important question is what comes afterwards. The problems identified seem unlikely to evaporate in the event of Brexit. A free trade agreement with the EU will need to address the laws that govern any workers temporarily posted from between trading partners.

17th May - ‘Made in China’ vs. ‘Made in the EU’. What’s the difference? Rutvica Andrijasevic (Senior Lecturer in Management, University of Bristol)In this talk I will discuss the case of electronics giant Foxconn. Foxconn is best known for being the main assembler of Apple products and for harsh working conditions at its Chinese factories. It is from there that we hear of militarised disciplinary regimes, excessive and unpaid overtime, unhealthy and unsafe working conditions and forced student labour. Based in the findings from my fieldwork in Eastern Europe, where Foxconn located its factories, I will be speaking to the question ‘Just how different is the situation at Foxconn's European assembly plants?’