Crinkle Cuts EP Launch feat DUTTY MOONSHINE + KOMODO

Friday, December 19, 2014 - 20:30
Crinkle Cuts EP Launch feat DUTTY MOONSHINE + KOMODO
Crinkle Cuts new record 'Bigger Than Patrick' is finally here! (we almost can't believe it ourselves...)

We've put together an AMAZING night featuring our very own Funky flavourings, as well as the VERY FINEST Electro-Swing and heavy Dub and a whole host of performers for your entertainment - if Santa accidentally woke up in mid-summer and found himself getting down to all your favourite festival vibes with Rudolph this is what it would look like!

Check out our first release from 'Bigger than Patrick' here:

Dutty Moonshine (Ghetto Funk) - is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's the bastardisation of Electro Swing!

These heavy-weights of the UK club and festival scene need little introduction, but are a mash-up collective of DJ's who lace bass heavy sets together with a vintage sound. 

They push the boundaries to controversy and really have one aim for sets: to create absolute mayhem through fun, basslines and antics to rival any cabaret. They're definitely DJ's with a live act, confining them in a DJ booth will merely mean your booth will explode into unicorns and nobody will survive to tell the tale.

Komodo - intricate, horn heavy Dub sounds born from the colour washed streets of Montpelier, a mishmash of backgrounds and influence sewn together by a focus and determination to move you. KOMODO resonate frequencies deep beneath your psyche, bring out your inner animal, and shake loose your shackles. The rasping horns sound, echos spill and tumble, the beat persists and pushes you on.

Crinkle Cuts - Fresh with a capital PH, Crinkle Cuts deliver you a blasting of tantric funk, smooth reggae and new-wave latin ska woven together in a bombastic psychedelic tapestry of good vibes for an eccentric, exotic and eargasmic live performance.