Fat Hat! Presents Solana

Friday, October 6, 2017 - 20:30

Fat Hat and StackedPromo are proud to bring you the first Fat Hat night post festival season, with a vivid blast of Klezmer, Folk, middle eastern and world music flavours . 



With their polyrhythmic folk-world fusion, Solana have made quite a splash on the music and festival scene across the UK and in their adopted hometown of Bristol.

Somehow managing to appeal to discerning sit-down audiences and crazed sweaty festival crowds, Solana have been enthusing and confusing listeners with their rhythmically complex and harmonically rich sound. Formed in Valencia in 2012 as an itinerant acoustic folk trio, the band has developed almost beyond recognition through extensive touring and collaboration. 

Tamsin (flute/accordion) and Rowen (violin) weave together folk- and klezmer- inspired melodies which soar over a tight rhythm section. Elio’s Latin, African and reggae influenced drumming and Alex’s flamenco/folk/jazz guitar are locked together by Henry’s solid basslines. 

When not playing music, the members of Solana can be found making chutney, cycling long distances, and correcting people who mispronounce “paella”.




Troyka formed as a trio of harmonica, clarinet and guitar in 2008 and have been bringing Balkan Heart Music to Bristol ever since – a stormy mixture of traditional and original songs and rhythms from the former Yugoslavia and the Balkans with brushes of Klezmer and the Middle East.

Now we play with a bigger line up of soaring clarinet, rich violin and rhythm-hopping guitar, all held together by infectious double bass and percussion. With Sophie Wilsdon on clarinet and vocals, Barney Rhythm on guitar and vocals, Justin Fellows on percussion, Naomi Hill on violin and vocals and Liam O'Connell on double bass and vocals. 




Our man on the decks will be spinning intresting and colourful tunes for you frenzied goons from the second Solana stop to keep us moving into the wee hours. 


Doors 8.30pm - 2.00am
£4 Entry all night!

Come along and get down

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