Saturday, March 7, 2015 - 08:30
The return of Fingathing!


Live on stage

Doors 8.30pm - 2am
£3 Entry!

Fingathing - The most unique band in the universe.

An award winning turntablist, a classically trained double bass player and a critically acclaimed illustrator/animator. This is Fingathing, from Manchester UK. A band like no other..

Formed in 1997 after the DJ Peter Parker came 3rd in the DMC UK mixing championships and was drafted in to work with northern beat label "Grand Central Records". He met Double Bass playing jazz head Sneaky on the first day, and the pair instantly hit it off making music in a way that had never been tried before; using just one turntable and the bass they made serious block-rocking power grooves. Add to this the warped visuals from the mind of Parkers old art college friend Chris Drury, and you have the unique Fingathing.

In the early days both Parker and Sneaky were members of northern sulphuric Rae & Christians' live band, receiving widespread critical acclaim and after substantial worldwide touring it was time for Fingathing to write and release their debut LP 'The Main Event' (NME 8/10). Their own tour schedule took them as far as Russia, Africa, USA, Latvia and most of Europe, gaining them a huge underground cult following.

2002 saw the release of 'Superhero Music' which took listeners even deeper into the Fingathing world now that they had more experience under their belts with songwriting and the title track even had a full length animated video produced by Drury. They were asked by DJ Shadow himself to support him on his UK tour……

The third LP (as well as the first)'Fingathing and the Big Red Nebula Band' was produced with James Ford of Simian Mobile Disco, who in his own right is now one of the UK's leading producers furthermore solidifying Fingathing's reputation as a heavyweight outfit. Essentially a "pro' LP where the members were really able to let rip with their imaginations and this stands as their 'classic' LP to date (NME 8/10)….

Fingathing went on to release the "Apocalypso"EP, and toured the world extensively once more.

Fingathing have now re-assembled to create a newer, more powerful vision of themselves. 2014 saw the 'Return Of The Thing' EP release (co-produced by Sirconical) and a large UK tour followed to promote this new sound. They captured the audience with their unique style, highly developed skills and new animations. An audio visual onslaught unlike any other. The UK based Tru Thoughts label are about to release a cover of the Georgio Moroder classic 'I Feel Love' which the pair recorded along with blues/folk siren Jesca Hoop on guest vocals sees them grow into something quite different sonically. It's sure to turn heads and secure the bands reputation as masters of their craft. Their next EP release and tour follows in spring 2015….