Future Dub Orchestra

Saturday, September 15, 2018 - 20:30

Future Dub Orchestra: The musical talent that is the work of songwriter, producer and Musician J.T. Clarke.
The Sound is part of the DNA of the collective, according to J.T, who traces his passion for music back to first hearing the Reggae and Dub sound systems of the St Paul’s Carnival in his youth.

Sneaking into the now legendary club the Dug-Out at a very young age, listening to Bristol Music Pioneers Wild Bunch, Smith & Mighty, & many more talented Bristol musicians, was a significant influence, along with the emergence of Hip Hop fresh from the Bronx, & music ranging from Kraftwerk to Roy Ayers, funk & soul & a record collection of American & European Imports.

J.T. cut his musical teeth during an apprenticeship with the now-legendary Coach House Studios in Clifton, the same studio that gave us bands such as Massive Attack, Tricky and Portishead.
Future Dub Orchestra is committed to pushing the musical boundaries to take the music into new directions, and cites influences as diverse as Electronica, Dub, D&B Reggae, and Film Music. From the outset the ethos has been that the music should form the center around which a creative collective could grow.

Future Dub Orchestra is a collective of musicians working under the guidance of J.T. Clarke. Their stage setup varies from a four-piece band, right up to a full orchestra with all the variables in between. Over the years a large number of talented musicians have come to work with the Future Dub Orchestra adding their talent to the collective. The result is an evolutionary, but truly shared process that continues through all the stages of composition – lyrics, instrumentation, backing vocals, right up to and including live performance.
The first time you play something live, with that buzz and energy, it’s like hearing it for the first time, and you can always learn from that. 

Future Dub Orchestra have been creating and honing their atmospheric sound at festivals, clubs, across the UK & Europe including touring.
Future Dub Orchestra’s unique sound is the result of an evolutionary, but truly shared, process that continues through all the stages of composition – lyrics, instrumentation, & vocals, right up to and including live performance that have seen them perform on main stages throughout the UK & Europe. With major promoters booking them for shows supporting bands like: Roni Size, Sub Motion Orchestra, Nightmares On Wax, Red Snapper Gentleman’s Dub Club & many more, they continue to gain rave reviews for their exciting live performances.
2018 / 2019 will see new releases and more live shows.

Nick Manasseh
Since the ​S​ound​ ​System began in 1985, Nick has been a DJ all over the world, travelling to countless countries and continents and still continues to do so, working with ​many talented singers and collaborators.​ ​Branching out into other projects, Nick ​has also done sound design for Julian Temple film​​ ​'​​BabyLondon​',​ and work​ed​ with 12-piece band from the Solomon Islands, Narasirato, producing ​an album and mixing the live show, something Nick has sometimes done with the likes of Pama International and Soothsayers meet Johnny Clarke.

DJ Skylion

Littleboselecta - Full Moon

Doors 8.30pm - 2am
£4 Entry!