Friday, November 6, 2015 - 20:30

The Inexplicables defy explanation. Their unique blend of live dance music oozes energy & originality.

Driven by beatbox & sumptuous vocals, with tricky wordplay, raw bass & rich sax melodies; they take you on a visceral journey through reggae, hip-hop & roots to jungle, jazz & drum 'n bass.

Since exploding onto the UK festival circuit two summers ago, The Inexplicables have played many of the UK's major festivals - such as Boomtown, SGP, Beautiful Days, Eden, Beatherder, Nozstock & Sunrise, to rave reviews.

They've packed out some of the best known venues in the south west & further afield; including headline slots at


"The Inexplicables were quite a phenomenon as their barefooted beatboxer and totally ego-less rapper laid down the rhythm to go alongside jazzy saxophone and beautiful singing. A real festival band, these guys are not to be missed" - Shanna Jones, -

“The best main stage action was saved for the Sunday, with non-stop goodness all the way through the afternoon and evening.

Sunrise Battle of the Bands winners The Inexplicables, a Bristol six-piece -who filled the stage with one helluva noise- were a real gem, and boasted the best cover of the weekend, a spot-on interpretation of Roni Size's classic Brown Paper Bag” - - (Sunrise Festival)

"The highlight of the weekend however, was Bristol-based outfit The Inexplicables. Resting on a backbone of mean beat-boxing talent, this dance-inducing, smile-enhancing 6-piece (not counting their 'Raving Raven' mascot on a stick, namesake to one of

the funnest and funniest festival tunes we've heard) absolutely stole our hearts"

- The Vintage Scribbler - (Beatherder Festival)



Lounge Cat Ideals were born in the midst of a biting Bristolian winter, when a rag tag kindle of kittens huddled round a wood fire and began making their first primitive sounds to keep their tiny paws from shivering. Taking heed from the uptempo gypsy rhythms heard beneath the crackles on Papa’s gramophone, the band grew to create their own sound, weaving strands of 20’s swing with a thread of stomping blues.

Now a fully formed ensemble, with riotous clarinet lines and entwined vocal melodies augmenting the driving skanks of twin guitars, the band strive to maintain the energetic pace that keeps everyone dancing.

The Lounge Cats hopped aboard the festival circuit for the first time in 2015, seeing the sights at Boomtown Fair, causing mischief at Maui Waui (twice!), and filling the dance floor at Forgotten Fields, amongst others. 



Doors 8.30pm - 2am

Free before 9.30pm £3 after!