Thursday, May 25, 2017 - 20:00
Joe Driscoll, Lori Campbell, DJ Dad. Attic Bar. Doors 8pm - 1am. £5 + bf

Joe Driscoll, the man Cee-Lo Green labelled 'the gangsta with an iron lung' is a multi instrumentalist, vocalist and songwriter who takes his audiences on a journey of musical discovery. Drawing from a plethora of styles he effortlessly fuses folk, soul, hip-hop, funk, reggae and afro beat to create a totally genre-defying live show that never fails to engage his audience. Joes technical and music ingenuity has gone on to inspire a new generation of live looping artists, but what separates Joe from his contemporaries is his song writing ability. Hailing from New York his globetrotting existence knows no borders. He tours relentlessly visiting the UK and Europe twice a year, usually dropping in on the Middle East and Africa on his return to perform to sold out tours of upstate New York.His title track and first single from his latest album Mixtape Champs has been remixed by the likes of DJ Skitz and Mr Benn and has amassed nearly 70,000 views on You Tube. Ridumanother track from same the album was also synchronised to a worldwide Nokia advert which has received over 6 million you tube views alone, earning him additional international recognition.

Plus support from LORI CAMPBELL and DJ DAD

Doors 8pm - 1am
Ticket £5 + BF available from Bristol Ticket Shop