Friday, April 24, 2015 - 20:30
Kid Carpet

DJ ANDRES (Full Moon)
Doors 8.30pm - 2am
£3 Entry!

Kid Carpet makes peculiar disco pop and a kind of odd modern folk music with old keyboards, computers, a sellotaped up broken electric guitar and a punk rock DIY attitude and he is now back gigging again! After 5 years of dedicating himself to making rock n roll theatre shows for children he’s decided the time is right to pick up the mic and jump about onstage in the evenings. With new songs, old songs, wrong songs and right ones Kid carpet commands you to jump around with him.

One day Schoolboy grew just a little bit older; and in doing so, realised that not everything lasts forever. Slowly he became obsessed with the matter of impermanence and since making music was his thing, it was only a matter of time before these concepts entered his writing.

Previously Schoolboy had been touring and rocking with a heavy funk outfit and he now recruited two of his favorites from that project (fuzz bass and percussion), together with a Welsh lass who kicks ass on the drum kit to form the Death Trio - so named because of their music’s thematic content.

A total refusal to be bound by the prison of "9 to 5 slave to the bank till you die grind" has allowed SDT to channel its creativity through many mediums. Music drives the ship, but you’ll find visual art, poetry, film and performance at its oars. Sometimes SDT play the roles of super villains such as The Banker and War, but mostly they’re fighting the good fight as The Freedom Lovers.

Sound wise it’s tough hip-hop beats, dirty fuzz bass, and a front man simultaneously pushing ferocious saxophone and punk rap poetry.