Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Friday, April 27, 2018 - 20:30

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang ( and Mista Trick (The DJ behind Boomtown Fair's LittlePharma stage) take over Bristol's infamous Attic Bar to launch Under The Hill Fest 2018.

...The UK's most exciting new festival of swing, bass and everything else in between - tickets available on the night or from

£4 On The Door // Big Line Up // Cheap Drinks

Crinkle Cuts
"A 7-piece band blasting you with tantric funk, smooth reggae and new-wave latin ska"

China Bowls
"A fusion of neo soul, blues and hip hop" from a local legend and star ofSaffron Records / Electric Harmony

"Cutting everything, from jazz to bassy breaks and jungle"

Fizzy Gillespie
“This cheeky little bugger has got more Swing n Bass tunes than Dutty Moonshine themselves, wtf!? He’s grabbed the idea of pushing Electro Swing to it’s furthest reaches by the bollocks. You won’t find a traditional sleepy set here, it’ll be balls to wall fun times!”
– Dutty Moonshine