KKBB - Episode 9: The Rin Tins / Mista Trick Sound System

Friday, February 1, 2019 - 20:30

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Returns for Episode 9 featuring the tales of the sextet The Rin Tins a group who have strutted from one stage to another playing high octane gypsy swing to the party hard masses.

These festival veterans have appeared on stages at Glastonbury, Shambala, Boomtown as well as Sömmersound Festival in Hamburg and headlining Fokus Festival in Görlitz, Germany.
With music that combines 5 part harmonies with swing jazz rhythms and pounding oompa beats, for the past 7 years The Rin Tins have been filling dance floors and festival tents across Europe.

HAVE NO FEAR the Mista Trick Sound System is here! A 4 piece that mixing vintage vaudeville vibes with distinctly down and dirty drum n bass, they sound like the love-child of a wartime knees-up and a 90s rave. It’s fresh, it’s fun and they are all about the boogie. Bring your flat caps and suspenders and throw some swinging shapes!

But Wait who is that .. why it's the Goat obsesses Silly Billy’s of somerset the Powello Bros.! Here to smash up the finest Goat & Bass, Goatno, and probably the roughest gruff this side of the shire! Prepare for wonkle horns and many wives as these two give bad life advice and confuse your taste buds.

Whitest all this madness is being cooked up we hear the distant cries from the back! From the Mountains of Finland it's the super spinning champ Mr.Fitz to serve a mashup of Funk and Hip-Hop while dipping his tip into others genres such as Jungle, Breaks, Ghetto Funk and Drum and Bass. With some turntablism, nudity and scratches he’s capable of anything from a laidback l’ambiance to a drug fuelled barn dance.

Free before 10pm, £4 after