Saturday, April 23, 2016 - 20:30


Recently expanding from a duo into a 9 piece band and drawing comparisons to artists as disparate as Kate Tempest, CocoRosie and Portishead; Toyface traverse the shadowy terrain of fragile, broke-down melancholy, before moving up and out into their own brand of colourful, volatile euphoria.Combining dramatic strings, vocal harmony, synths, fx and densely packed, disarmingly honest lyrics from frontwoman Tamsyn, Toyface are a rare gem among the Bristol scene that only a fool would miss. 


Nuala Honan

Australian songstress Nuala Honan is an outstanding songwriter, charming (and a bit grumpy) with a rare nack for talking to audiences, and a voice that will smack you round the ears when you least expect it. You’re likely to describe it using your most loved genre, whether it be country, folk, americana.. She has that uncanny ability to write new songs that sound like they have been written before, somehow conjuring the sense that the lyrics have been worn smooth by the passage of time. Nuala’s lyrical honesty and the fiercely independent environment that the music has emerged from combine to ensure that her debut album, The Tortoise, has an authenticity that commercial country so often lacks.


Plus dj support from DJ Dad

Trivial Pursuits - Full Moon

Doors 8.30pm - 2am

Free before 9.3pm £3 after!