The World Famous Soca Jungle Sound Clash

Saturday, February 10, 2018 - 20:30
The World Famous Soca & Jungle Sound Clash 10th February at The Attic Bar

The World Famous Soca Jungle Sound Clash

When Soca takes on Jungle there are no prisoners. Who runs the dance?

Living in the United Kingdom and spending your whole life playing the music you love to huge crowds can have a strong impact and two DJs who have done just this are now taking their sounds to the next level of entertainment ­ the Soca Jungle Sound Clash. Who wins? Only the crowd can decide.

Both selectors hail from Bristol where strong connections to both of the scenes have been forged over their busy careers. Boasting collections within their thousands, both DJs own impressive hoards of vinyl and the fresh digital music is still being lovingly collected from around the globe.

Representing Soca music we have Tim Rayner aka Dub Boy ­ local champion of Soca and Dancehall and promoter of infamous Soca club night Ruffnek Diskotek whilst representing Jungle we have Adam Crawford of ASBO Disco / Boom Sound heritage whose close links to both the old and the new school of the Jungle scene make him a worthy ambassador.
Who runs the dance? The crowd will decide.

Plus Soca selections from AAA Badboy & Dub Boy all night!

Chris Munky - Full Moon

Doors 8.30pm - 2am
£4 Entry all night!